Current status of the band, Spring/Summer 2022

After an unnecessarily long break we are back together and creating new music. We are preparing to record about ten songs aimed for two upcoming split releases (details TBC in due time) during the Summer if everything goes according to plan. Most of the songs have been around for a few years and some are brand new. There are also two very old songs that we are finally going to record and release. These songs, “To Hell with Tomorrow” and “Ripped Off and Left Behind”, have already been recorded once back in 2016 for a compilation tape that never was released so we are bringing them back from the vault to be re-recorded with the other songs. This way this particular recording will feature material from almost the start of the band until present day and we think that will be a quite interesting mix in the end.

More info is coming!

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Latest release: "And the Machine Rolls On" 7" EP

Our third 7" EP with six songs recorded at the same time as "Contempt For Man". This EP is visually a continuation of the previous 7" EP's and yet again released by Selfmadegod Records, February 2019. The EP is limited to 500 copies, 400 black and 100 in pink vinyl.

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We have a few t-shirts and records in the shop. There are some oddities in there as well, and the amounts are limited so place your orders now!

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Debut album "Contempt for Man" released by Southern Lord Recordings on July 27 2018!

Our debut album "Contempt for Man" was released on LP, CD and digital via Southern Lord Recordings, July 27 2018. The album includes 20 brand new songs and was recorded during June - August 2017 by ourselves and mixed on and off by Johan Berglund. The artwork is drawn by Paul Romano. The vinyl version of the album is released in three different colors - black, silver (as part of Southern Lord’s anniversary series) and gold. It can be orderd through Southern Lord US, Southern Lord Europe, through Bandcamp and through this very website.

We are happy that the album finally is released so we can share it with the world. We are very satisfied with the songs and Johan's mix that certaintly has added a bunch of power to the material. Have a listen at Spotify (link in the footer). Here's a page with all the press coverage of the album.

Tracklist: 1. Värdelös, 2. Demons and Angels, 3. Pawn Sacrifice, 4. The Wolven Law, 5. Lockdown, 6. The Punishment Begins, 7. The Noose Tightens, 8. Det går aldrig, 9. Crush the Empire, 10. Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike, 11. A Life of Ceaseless Grind, 12. Streams of Sludge, 13. Into the Hard Earth, 14. The Pain Maze, 15. Vile Behaviour, 16. Defeat, 17. Dull Dead Future, 18. To Smite, 19. A Brutal Truth, 20. Flytande död

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Previous release:
"Mankind Crawls" 7" EP

The second release from Axis of Despair is another six track 7" EP entitled "Mankind Crawls". The songs were recorded during the same session as "Time and Again" and is a co-release by Give Praise Records and Spela Snabbare Records. The 7" EP was released in October 2016 in 250 yellow and 250 black vinyls.

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Previous release:
"Time and Again" 7" EP

First release from Axis of Despair, "Time and Again" includes six tracks of true Swedish grindcore, recorded in the legendary Soundlab Studios in Örebro, Sweden. Released by Selfmadegod Records in a first pressing of 500 copies, 100 in a limited edition with clear vinyl and 400 in a regular edition with black vinyl.

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Listen to "Tattooed Corpse" at YouTube!

Live shows!

Nothing at the moment.

#1: July 3, 2016 at En Arena in Stockholm, Sweden with Black Breath, This Gift is a Curse and Fredag den 13:e.
#2:October 29, 2016 at Plektrum Bar in Örebro, Sweden with Riistetyt and Crutches.
#3: October 21, 2017 at Scenit/Kulturhuset i Örebro in Örebro, Sweden with Facebreaker.
#4: July 19, 2018 at Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov, Czech Republic.
#5: November 30, 2018 at Snövit in Stockholm, Sweden Supported by Tortura Eterna and General Genocide.
#6: April 13, 2019 at a secret birthday party show in Svärdsjö, Sweden.
#7: April 18, 2019 at Belsepub/Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden with Gravebomb and Deth By Audio.
#8: July 24, 2019 at Stuck On A Name, Nottingham, UK with Human Cull, Feral State, Throatpunch.
#9: July 25, 2019 at Temple of Boom, Leeds, UK with Human Cull, Coproach, Fidget.
#10: July 26, 2019 at Gorilla Studios, Hull, UK with Human Cull, Strigoi, Throatpunch.
#11: July 27, 2019 at Head of Steam, Newcastle, UK with Human Cull, Cryptic Shift, Slimelord.
#12: July 28, 2019 at The Old England, Bristol, UK with Human Cull, Atomçk, Skullfucked, Black Skies Burn, Grief Ritual, Voltane.
#13: November 1, 2019 at Scenit/Kulturhuset i Örebro in Örebro, Sweden with Carnosus, Obscene illusion, Gravebomb and Crawl.

Slight history of the band

Axis of Despair features former and present members of such bands as Nasum, Coldworker, Infanticide, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift and Overtorture. To be exact: The band was formed by former Coldworker members Anders Jakobson (drums), Oskar Pålsson (bass) and Joel Fornbrant (vocals) in the end of 2013. About half a year later the line up was completed by Livet som insats member Kristofer Jankarls playing the guitar. In the Summer of 2015 a 12 song recording session took place, ending up as the two 7” EP’s ”Time and Again” and ”Mankind Crawls” released in 2015 and 2016. After doing a few shows the band continued to write songs and by the Summer of 2017 the album ”Contempt for Man” was recorded, containing 20 songs and ultimately released by Southern Lord in 2018.

Related bands

Overtorture, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift, Infanticide, Nasum, Coldworker, Proteststorm, Psykoma, Dripping Hörror, Exil.

Social shit and contact

Currently you can follow Axis of Despair on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Spotify, or you can write to